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Pr. Mohamed Masmoudi
National Engineering School of Sfax (ENIS) - Tunisia


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DTS’20 tutorials

Tutorial 1
High-Speed I/O Testing in High-Volume Manufacturing

Full name: Salem Abdennadher
Affiliation: Intel Corporation

Tutorial Summary: With advances in VLSI technology, packaging and architecture, Systems on Chip (SoC) continue to increase in complexity. Increasing complexity has resulted in an unprecedented increase in design errors, manufacturing flaws and customer returns related to High-Speed I/O (HSIO) circuits. This tutorial presents challenges and existing techniques to meet test complexity of HSIO and methodologies needed to achieve the high-quality usually mandated by the critical applications such as automotive and medical, etc. Both SerDes system and block level test techniques with particular emphasis on DFT/BIST based methods and their suitability to production level environment are presented in this tutorial. Additionally, this tutorial includes a section on Analog Defects and detection methods using DFT and BIST techniques.