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DTS Conference Chair

Pr. Mohamed Masmoudi
National Engineering School of Sfax (ENIS) - Tunisia


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IEEE DTS’20 Call for special sessions

Special sessions target, but are not limited to, hot and emerging topics. Proposers of special sessions are assumed to be able and willing to serve as organizers of the session, i.e. contact speakers, moderators, etc. Special session organizers can also be speakers or moderators in their own proposals.

Prospective organizers should submit a one or two page abstract outlining the session’s scope and topic(s), the objectives and relevance of the proposed session to DTS, the format of the session, and a list of prospective participants. For more information, please contact the Special Session Chairs

Special Session Chairs:

Each Special Session proposal should describe concisely the content, importance and timeliness of the special session. It should contain the following sections:

  • Special Session’s title.
  • Summary describing the main focus and topics to be addressed and explained why the Special session is appropriate for DTS.
  • The names and contact information of the organizers with a short biography

Special session proposals due: February 4th, 2019